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Behind The Lens


Jenna Letham holding her canon camera

Hey There! 

I help genuine, hardworking females & horse enthusiasts in their journey of personal and professional growth through the art of photography. I empower them to confidently celebrate their journey, and showcase their skills and services to the world, while crafting the life they cherish, even if they do not feel comfortable in front of the camera.


I T   A L L

... with a disposable camera on my family farm. 

As a little girl, my sisters and I would ride our horses for

3 - 4 hours at a time throughout all seasons of the year. As the youngest, I would usually ride in the back on the slowest horse. I would observe how the sunlight affected everything around me differently as we traveled through trails and across fields. The amount of beauty I saw wherever I looked on these trail rides made me wish I had a camera. My mother brought a few disposable cameras home from the store one day, and before she could use them all, I asked if I might have one to take to the barn. One evening, I decided to I put my horse's halter on and him outside to eat the

"good grass" in the yard. While he stood in the sunlight eating I found myself snapping away. 

And that was when the magic officially began!...

Woman standing with horse in pasture holding camera

After seeing the results of my first, horribly cropped images I was OSESSED!! I loved how the sun enriched the colors of the horses’ coats and how their manes glittered in the sunlight. I loved tracking the sunrise and sunsets on the farm to find the best places to photograph. 

My life's events, including my upbringing on a farm, ownership of horses, countless trail rides with my sisters, and capturing pictures of my sisters, friends, and horses anywhere I could, encouraged me to pursue my passion for photography. 

Horse saddled standing in field facing the sun
Jenna Letham Photography camera hanging on saddle horn

I   Previously ...

worked in education, exclusively in the programs of Digital Communications & Graphic Design. I helped students with their coursework and understanding of the creative industries. I've always had a passion for getting to know people and helping them overcome their challenges to achieve their goals. 


“Jenna is beyond wonderful! Not only is she genuinely talented with an eye for the best photographs, she's also kind and understanding. She makes each session special and takes her time with the client. We've had several sessions and every session is fun, meaningful, unique, and yields the most beautiful photographs.
We highly recommend Jenna!!"

Rebecca, PA

W H E N   I   A M 

Not  Working ...

You’ll find me trail riding my horses for hours, kayaking in the sunshine, swimming, shooting bows or guns with my hunny, jamming to music, riding my quad, running the dogs, going for walks, watching movies, mowing grass, cleaning the barn, grooming horses, spending time with family & friends, and maybe a little front porch sittin'. 

 sorrel quarter horse
standardbred horse standing in the sunshine
The view from riding a horse in western Pennsylvania

My  Values


Favorite movie: The Horse Whisperer

Personal & professional growth podcasts all day long.

Organization is key.

Success & failure is determined by mindset & mental health.

80s & 90s rock on a sunny day.

90s country with my Hunny in the truck. <3

Snuggles with my puppies.


Clients who aren’t afraid to laugh. <3

Problem solving & finding solutions is my purpose.

I’m 6ft tall. (High angles are better anyway)

Meaningful & intentional relationships / conversations.

My husband & I show each other up with our “shooting” skills.

Clients who let me experiment with new ideas. <3

Clients who show up for themselves, daily. <3


Road trips.

It’s the little things. <3

Accidental swear words.

Find the good in the bad situation.

Discomfort is an indication of growth.

Jenna Letham photography smiling with her horse in clymer pennsylvania

A Final Note...

Serving my clients is more than just a job -it's my calling. I pour my heart into every interaction, using my creativity and deep empathy to truly grasp their individual needs and provide the support they deserve. 


While I'm skilled at capturing the outer beauty in my photography, I believe that the beauty we observe externally often mirrors the genuine glow that radiates from within.


Understanding yourself is a journey of reflection and self-care.

Embrace solitude, engage in fulfilling activities, and surround yourself with supportive people. Be patient and kind to yourself - it's a lifelong process of growth and discovery.

Beauty Shines From Within!

The moment
my client
their true
potential ...

That is Where My Job Begins!

Create Your Vision With Me 


the strong, hardworking, and unique individual you are!






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