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My love for photography all started on the farm. Growing up with two older sisters, six horses, a large herd of cattle, and a lot of space motivated me to pursue my passion for photography.

I am a professional photographer serving clients in the Western Pennsylvania area.  I have received my Photography and Multi-Media degree along with three certifications in Multi-media. I love photographing people in their natural environment and telling stories through my creative techniques.

“Growing up on a farm has allowed me to express my love and passion for the “country life.” It is there where I love to make people feel beautiful.”

Growing up on a farm, I discovered so many things that absolutely meant the world to me. My life was my family farm. Even more so, my life revolved around my sisters, and my six horses.

The turning point was when I realized everything that had meant so much to me was not always going to be around or stay the same. Circumstances change, and I had to capture those memories as they were created.  So one day I decided to buy a disposable camera.
After stacks and stacks of developed photos, my parents decided to buy me a digital Kodak camera....and that is when the magic began! I practiced taking photos for every school event and project that presented itself to me. 

I found so much joy in spending my evenings in the pasture fields rolling in the grass, photographing my horses and cows. There would even be times I would go into the middle of a field and photograph my sisters. The farm is where I learned to capture personality, while being in the environment I love most.

The love of my childhood inspired me to do something I love! Let me share that inspiration with you by helping tell your story through timeless works of art. 


♥ / Jenna 



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