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Preparation Guide


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What Every Client Needs to Know!

Capturing the unique connection between you and your equine companion, preserving cherished moments with your horse family, or celebrating milestones in your life and want to include your beloved equine partner(s) is a privilege I deeply cherish. It's an honor to contribute to crafting memories that will remain treasured in your heart for a lifetime.

I am so excited for our session!

I’ve created this guide to help you get the most out of your photos, and by the time you’ve read through this, you’ll have all your questions answered and feel more than prepared for your equine session. I'll take care of the rest! Your only job is to be yourself, laugh a lot, and let me create photos you’ll love forever. 


Timing Tips

My favorite time to photograph is in the evening, roughly an hour and a half before sunset.

Photographing during golden hour is my absolute favorite! However, if capturing sunset photos doesn't align with your portrait needs, I'm delighted to accommodate you and your unique preferences. 

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I Love

Hair & Makeup

  • For a flawless, matte complexion, start with a reliable foundation and powder combination.

  • Keep your makeup application slightly intensified from your usual routine to enhance your natural features subtly.

  • Define your brows to frame your eyes elegantly and draw attention to their beauty.

  • Opt for waterproof makeup, especially in warmer seasons, to ensure longevity during your session.

  • Whenever feasible, apply makeup in natural lighting to gauge its appearance in photographs accurately.

  • Carry lip balm or gloss to maintain hydrated lips throughout the shoot. 

  • Bring your favorite hairspray to add some extra lift halfway through the photo session.

  • Prior to the session, lightly conceal any noticeable blemishes for a polished look.

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For Her

Dresses look most stunning because they really flatter every female body, especially on camera. The posing possibilities are endless... Long, full-length, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. Particularly when set against equine, and a beautiful outdoor setting. Or feel free to wear those killer-fitting jeans you feel fabulous in. Boots, button-ups, show attire, or anything equine-themed for your photo session—we encourage it!

Style Tips 


I welcome you to incorporate a handful of accessories that really show us who you are. Whether it's flower crowns, headpieces, hats, belt buckles, rhinestones, or statement jewelry – choose elements that resonate with your narrative...  Adding texture and layers are also something to consider as well: lace, shaws, fringe, fur ... anything to give a sense of texture within your images makes for great visual detail. And If accessories aren't your style and you prefer a simpler, more natural look, I wholeheartedly support whatever look you choose.

Don't be afraid to

Dress it  Up!

maternity photo shoot with horse
pregnant woman riding her childhood horse wearing long dress

One or Two?

It 's Up To You!

Clients who choose two outfits usually bring one “wow”  dressy / outfit, and then another slightly more casual outfit that has more of a “date night” feel to it. But if you want to bring two “wow” outfits and forgo the more casual look altogether, give yourself permission to do so.


Remember, though, you don’t have to bring two looks if it’s too stressful to coordinate or you’d rather just

stick to one fabulous look. One outfit that you absolutely love will be so much better than adding another that doesn’t make you thrilled to put on. So, one or two? It’s really up to you! Keep in mind, as our session progresses, you will naturally become more comfortable - sooo, I do suggest saving your absolute favorite outfit for last. 

For Him

Long, fitted dark pants / jeans, and boots look great on camera. Leave the loose or baggy clothes in the closet. Solid shades of gray, brown, or navy are a strong compliment, whereas patterns tend to distract the eye. I also recommend staying away from graphics and logos as stated above. 

Style Tips 

The Best Fit


Choosing Colors

As a photographer located in Western Pennsylvania, I'm fortunate to experience the beauty of all four seasons, each offering its unique charm. I understand that looking at the color palettes above may feel a bit overwhelming. However, I've provided these palettes to help you begin visualizing your session. By now, you've probably chosen the time of year for your photo session, and I'm sure certain palettes have caught your eye, perhaps even two.


I encourage you to begin exploring colors in groups of three and four, both horizontally and vertically, as well as in clusters. This exercise helps you create harmonious color schemes. Once you've completed this exercise, select the colors that resonate with you the most, including both light and dark shades. With your chosen color scheme in mind, start assembling your outfits.

For equine, senior, couples, and portrait sessions, I recommend selecting two to three colors or shades, with one or two colors being dominant and one serving as an accent. For families with four or more members, I suggest choosing four to five colors.

Once you've finalized your outfit colors and achieved your desired 'LOOK,' please send me photos of your outfits via text or email. This will allow us to continue planning and coordinating our photography locations effectively.

To help you decide on a color scheme...

T H I N G S   T O    

Avoid ...

In my experience, not all clothing turns out visually pleasing. Avoid fluorescent colors, logos, wording, and vertical or horizontal stripes unless it is necessary. Keep clothes wrinkle-free. Super light colors may not stay clean for very long around horses

horse muzzel.jpg
horse ear.jpg
quarter horse eye.jpg

Quick Tip!

Boot are always a safe chose around horses. Your feet will thank you later. Bring a towel along, incase your horses slobbers or sneezes on you. 

woman and her childhood horse.jpg


A clean, Happy Horse!
Both of our tasks become smoother when your horse is bathed, and groomed. Avoid bathing your horse too close to the session time, as prolonged stall time can make them restless. Think, "Show Ready!"

Shiny Coats

I highly recommend maintaining a glossy shine on your equine friend following bathing and grooming. A few products I suggest to get that glow are: Showsheen, Pyranha Wipe & Spray (my favorite), or Pledge. Avoid the eyes and muzzle.

Applying one of these products to your horse's mane and coat will significantly enhance their appearance on camera.

An Equine Assistant

Having someone available at the session to assist with getting ears up, holding treats, applying fly spray, and managing extra horses will significantly enhance the enjoyment of the session.


Don't be disheartened if your horse isn't cooperating as expected. Patience is key for both of us to capture the shots we want. Instead of struggling with your horse, I suggest you to gently encourage them into cooperation. Remember, the activities we ask of them during a session may seem odd, so maintaining their happiness and curiosity is paramount over agitation and frustration.

Female horse trainer portrait session for business owner of legacy ranch in Indian pennsyl

How To

Prepare Your Horse

In the weeks leading up to the session, ensure your horse is familiar with basic groundwork and can stand calmly next to you for a few minutes, ready to be easily positioned.

Prior to the photo session, thoroughly clean all tack intended for use in the photoshoot. If opting for a halter, select a lead rope in leather, black, or a subdued color. Alternatively, a bridle can serve as a suitable substitute if your horse tends to have a shorter attention span.

Before the shoot, it's essential to ensure that everyone involved, including your horse, is well-fed and properly hydrated. This helps to ensure optimal cooperation and energy levels throughout the session.

For late fall sessions, if your horse is starting to grow a winter coat, consider blanketing the night before to smooth down the hair.

Apply plenty of fly spray and keep it readily available to keep distractions at bay. 

girl smiling up at her heart horse in clymer pennsylvania.jpg
little boy wearing cowboy hat hold parents hand while looking at horse


While coordinating your outfits, remember that they will appear most cohesive on camera when the color palette and wardrobe pieces coordinate without necessarily "matching." Instead of focusing on exact matches, think about what "fits" together. Consider colors that complement each other or even different shades and tones of the same color. This approach creates more visual interest and allows each personality to shine through.

Coordinating The Crew

When coordinating a family's outfits, the goal is to avoid everyone wearing the same color on both top and bottom. Mixing up colors and shades adds visual interest and ensures a harmonious overall look.

I recommend planning each outfit with "dominant colors" and "accent colors" in mind.

A dominant color is the primary hue that stands out the most in an outfit, while an accent color plays a supporting role with less visual presence. Aim for each family member to have a different dominant color or shade, and then vary the accent colors to tie everything together beautifully. This approach creates a cohesive yet dynamic ensemble that will look fantastic in your family photos.

By assigning each person their own dominant color and incorporating touches of the others, you achieve a cohesive yet varied look that highlights each personality. Many of my clients find it helpful to choose the mom's outfit first and then build the rest of the family's outfits around that central piece.










Second outfit (if desired & provided)

Touch-up makeup / Hairspray

Water bottles (for warmer sessions)

Towel (for horse slobber) 

Treats & fly spray for your equine friend(s) 

Any accessories you would like to incorporate






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