Finding My Passion

I have always had a niche for making people feel good about themselves. I thrive in an outdoor country setting with warm tones. However, I do not seek to limit myself. Meeting new people and telling their story through my unique techniques is what I live for. I yearn for the challenge to reflect the best of someone's personality and beauty through my passion for photography. My goal is to tell a story through creative photography while achieving the vision a client sees when they make the decision to work with me.

My professional photography business is based in Clymer, Pennsylvania - along with the family farm I was raised on. I serve Indiana County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas including Armstrong County, Westmoreland County, Cambria County and Jefferson County.

The lifestyle, and the ways of being a farmer's child is what inspired the birth of Jenna Letham Photography. It all started out with a disposable camera on the farm, as a little girl. In 2014, I graduated from post-secondary school with a degree in photography, and multimedia. I completed four certification courses for photography, and multimedia in that time frame as well. From the time I could place my hands on a camera, and manage to take a photograph, I knew photography had stolen my heart.

(specializing in seniors, couples, families, maternity, & equine)

Through my schooling and experiences, I have successfully developed techniques to create high quality, vibrant, passionate, and timeless imagery to offer my clients. My process has a way of emphasizing the outdoor beauty, color, and lighting of Western, Pennsylvania during every changing season.

I hope to work with you soon!